The First Promote-Ed Conference

Many of you will have missed the opportunity to attend a conference over recent months and we are launching the first Promote-Ed conference.

Entirely FREE OF CHARGE for all delegates taking place on 20th August 2020.

Please register your interest using the link below and we’ll make sure you are added to the invitation list.

Celebrating Successes and Events

We want to promote events and celebrate success. The PromoteEd team love a good party so don’t forget us off your invite list.

Make it fun, send us plenty of pictures and even better some video clips and Bentley will be on hand to get them posted across our social media channels.

Send your activity to: for our teams invites to your events. if you want to share your good news stories with us, or to post and article about or pictures of your events. if you want to tell us about anything else relating to events and success stories or even charitable initiatives that you are supporting. We love a good news story!

You can also use us to promote your events to our members. If you want to hold a conference or simply bring people together there is no charge for this activity.

You can always send us a comment using the form below.