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Pre-Easter Webinars for the Skills Sector

Free of Charge for Everyone

The team are delighted to announce the launch of our first four webinars to the Skills Sector

TopicHosted byDateRegister
Business Survival and RelaunchPeter Marples and Patrick TuckerMonday 6th April 2020
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ESFA SubcontractingPatrick Tucker, supported by Peter MarplesTuesday 7th April 2020
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Importance of Marketing and BrandingThink3Wednesday 8th April 2020
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Future Models for our SectorPromote-Ed teamThursday 9th April 2020
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Taking place before Easter, they will enable everyone to assimilate the key messages, reflect on them over Easter and continue to plan during April. 

COVID-19 will pass – it will take time but the Winners will be those Colleges, Private Providers and Employers who plan now and have a clear focus and are ready to RE-LAUNCH!

Our webinars are open to everyone in the sector from Business Leaders and Owners through to Operational and Support Staff. If you have been furloughed, use it as CPD to make you more aware of what is happening, the issues being faced and some of the solutions that are out there. 

Business Survival and Relaunch – Monday 6th April 2.00pm – Peter Marples and Patrick Tucker

Peter has undertaken more than 30 Business Surgeries in the past 3 weeks so has a wealth of knowledge of the issues affecting business across a range of sectors, including Education.

The purpose of this 45-minute webinar will be to:

  • Recap on the Government support available and update participants on where the various schemes are
  • Examine key actions that Providers should be taking to maintain continuity for learners as well as ensure their business survives
  • Look at the cash flow pinch points that are likely to impact on business
  • Maintaining key relationships for business continuity
  • Business Planning and Re Launch Post COVID-19 including Home and Flexible Working Roll out
  • Lessons from the recent Achievement Rate Publication and what it means for your business and the sector as a whole

This is aimed at all staff in a business, not just business owners. It will provide invaluable insight into the key actions you should have taken by now and tips on planning your business going forward. Delivered by practitioners, for Practitioners – a not to be missed Webinar!

ESFA Sub contracting – Tuesday 7th April 2.00pm – Patrick Tucker supported by Peter Marples 

The sub-contracting consultation by the ESFA has now closed and if we were to read it in detail, it looks as though the ESFA are set on implementation. Whilst every other consultation has been extended, this one has not – that must tell us something. 

Sub-contracting is still a significant part of many providers lives. Whether you are easing yourself away from sub-contracting, want to continue with it or indeed have been a sub-contractor in the past and may want to reverse the roles, this webinar will provide an insight into:

  • What the consultation says 
  • Our views of what is likely to happen and when 
  • Implications for providers – both now and in the medium term.

The removal of funded contracts from November 2020 ‘opens’ the market but with it comes greater responsibility for providers of all types. 

This webinar is aimed at operational managers, data managers, strategic leaders and anyone with an interest on the mechanics and role that sub-contracting can deliver to a provider.

Importance of Marketing and Branding Post COVID-19 – Wednesday 7th April 2.00pm – Lead by Think3

We are operating in difficult times but out of that comes opportunity. When COVID-19 passes and it will – there will be a race to ‘relaunch’ your businesses, to get your unique message across to future learners and employers and to capture the best of each. 

The role of Social Media and Marketing will be key to delivering your message, attracting and retaining customers and delivering a message about what you stand for. There will be greater ‘ethical’ commissioning of services, including training and development and those providers that have supported their customers over this period will be the winners!

So what does this look like? 

What does your marketing plan look like?

How can you attract those 16 and 18 year olds who are now in the market?

How is your social media and web site ready for a relaunch?

A fast, action orientated webinar for everyone on the sector. 45 minutes of tips on how to maximise social media, attract new customers and importantly protect those customers you already have.

Future Models for Our Sector – Thursday 8th April – Noon – The Promote-Ed team 

Will our sector be ever the same again? 

Has the action of the DFE and ESFA sent a clear message to the PTPs?

Are we dreaming about a significant increase in the unit of funding?

All of the above questions and many more will be running through your minds as you search for new models of working, to address the pace of devolution and the opportunities and threats this poses and how we can all serve our communities more effectively. 

Should we compete, should we collaborate and what does this mean in practice. This webinar poses questions and some solutions to creating an improved market place for everyone. The destination may not be achieved overnight but unless you start walking, you will never get there.

This webinar is aimed at those people in the sector that want to ‘think out of the box’, aspiring leaders, programme leaders in Colleges, head of division and support who want to contribute to change in their organisations. 

This webinar will challenge and test your thinking and will give you food for thought as you eat into your Easter Eggs – if you can get hold of any. 

All of our webinars are absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

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