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Securing Temporary Flexibilities for EPA: A 5 Point Plan

Many apprentices are currently unable to achieve and complete their apprenticeship as a result of End Point Assessment. We have seen measures introduced to support the achievement of GCSEs, A-Levels and now functional skills.

Our latest report issued to ministers today considers some of the arguments that could be introduced for End Point Assessments to provide apprentices with the same level of support being given to other learners completing their education and studies.

Whilst there are many arguments for relation of the rules surrounding End Point Assessment, there is currently a real danger to the reputation of the apprenticeship brand if delays continue for the next few weeks and months.

In the spirit of positivity, we have identified 5 key points or milestones that should be considered by IFATE with some urgency, which could address the above issues. Our 5 point plan would be a temporary measure, limited to EPAs completed up until the 30th November.

Access our report issued to ministers by clicking here:

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