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Promote-Ed Gets Confirmation to Help Support Apprenticeship Recruitment

The team at Promote-Ed have been working hard to identify and come up with solutions for providers who will inevitable come up across blockages from employers recruiting apprentices in this challenging time.

We have been talking to many small employers who want to recruit but feel that they are unable to support a full time apprentice, either through cost or the ability to support them as they get their businesses off the ground again. However, they are keen to provide support.

We have now received confirmation from the ESFA that the use of ATA’s are permitted for recruiting apprentices. For new providers, the term ATA is probably not familiar but for many existing providers, there are nearly 70 approved ATA’s, many of which are not currently trading.

We have also received confirmation that as the ATA is the employer of Apprentices, the 3 learner rule does not apply to the ATA itself but will remain in place for employers wanting to work with an ATA.

This means greater flexibility for the market, support to providers, opportunities for learners and the ability of employers to engage.

We are delighted we have been able to confirm this – fresh from confirmation by the ESFA this morning.

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