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Subcontracting: Responsible and Irresponsible Primes

Last week, we got engaged in a LinkedIn debate about primes acting irresponsibly with their subcontractors. The debate was started by Steve Lawrence of EEVT and Promote-Ed came forward to offer support.

We know sub contractors are frightened of the repercussions of complaining about primes, they are frustrated with their behaviours but find themselves at the end of the supply chain with very little they can do about it. We also recognise there are excellent primes who support their subcontractors well. There are always two sides to the story.

Some of the biggest abusers of the subcontracting system are some of the largest primes.

We want to hear from you! Tell us politely, removing the emotion of the issues you are having, and we will collate the results and send your findings to the Minister for consideration and action. We are looking for evidence based examples of what is happening and the impact on you such as;

  • Delays in payment that are impacting on your business survival – how long do primes take to pay?
  • What are the reasons given for non payment? 
  • How often are payments received lower than you expected and the reasons why?
  • Examples of primes withdrawing learners inappropriately without any discussion with you? 
  • Lack of support by primes 
  • Actions you have had to take to receive payments from primes
  • If you have raised concerns directly with the ESFA, how has this been received?

To be balanced, we would also welcome views from Primes – what are subcontractors doing that delays in payments being able to be made timely.

Email us:

We will not acknowledge any anonymous comments and you should be prepared to talk to our team if necessary. Our report to the Minister will protect the identify of subcontractors, will be objective and not sensationalist and will focus on action for positive change.

We have opened up a forum specifically for discussion on this matter within the Promote-Ed Forums for you also to discuss this matter and provide feedback.

Let’s get your comments flowing 

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